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A Name

Sweet to have so many names to call and say. You have a comfort in all things, except yourself. Your life is lived yet fragmented by a friend for each area. For your part, when you stand alone, you call your name backed by your arrogance. How foolishly, we believe we can do it alone! Say the Name, not by what others call Him. To learn for yourself what He means to you, your purpose, your gift. There will be no other Name as sweet.


When David went up against Goliath. He came in the “name of the Lord of Host (Armies)” (1 Samuel 17:45). David was a man of war-it was his gift. To honor God, he gave his gift back to Him and announced Him Lord over it. What power do we allow God to have over our gifts? Or, do we simply rely on our power? We cannot reject a friend who will only give us the best end.