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When I look out unto the world I don’t want to be ungrateful. To see how far I have made it upon the progress of others to only settle. I don’t want to lower my head. I want to keep it high and elevate beyond the limit of the sky. To see within myself the hope of a better day. A day of peace and love for myself and my peers. Where I will be able to share the goodness of God and never turn away those who have helped me get to this great day.

In many ways, I want to be humble.


Humility shows when you're observing. Today was an interesting day for me. As a burgeoning filmmaker, it is so much to listen to, instead of talking about when engaging with other filmmakers. When you observe-looking and listening to your surroundings, you understand your environment and the great number of people there to help. Because, believe it or not, one day they will need your help . Not because you will be greater, but because your best ability is the ability to serve with the gifts and talents that you offer. If you decline their need of help in pride, because one day you will be established-you will lose your biggest blessing. So today and for the rest of my life I intend to soak the lessons of those who are there to help and guide me. So there can be many days of peace and love.

Nabal died in pride. He refused to be grateful for the protection that David and his men provided for his property. However, Abigail, Nabal’s wife knew the importance of humility which often translates into being grateful for the provision that God gives us. Where we are in life often defines our value, but God sees our heart, our humility, our best currency. Even though Nabal and Abigail were wealthy, at the end, God only had seen the currency of their hearts. Which caused one to survive and one to die. Let us not live for the wealth that tomorrow may bring. Let us live for the value that lies within others, to humbly learn from and serve those who offer God’s very best. Inspired by 1 Samuel 25.