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Light of Life

On the brink, take a step back, turn around and decide whether the path should be traveled. It is not until we begin to walk into the unknown, that we miss the comfort we once cherished. Please, never walk with angst. 

The realization that there is greater ahead than what’s behind us is the light of life. It is the theme of victory. It reveals what gives us breath or at least tells us why we should breathe. 

My hope is that on the brink, we realize that the path we took was pathed with grace and mercy. That we turn around and see how far God has brought us or we admit the fact that we left Him long ago. 


I noticed that the start of anything comes with a pause. A break in time where we decide how to behave. Sometimes good and bad decisions can feel the same. There can be a nervousness in the pit of our stomach where we become unsure. My hope is that we follow the light. Sometimes we will see it straight ahead. Sometimes we see it when we turn around. 

It is good that we come to this point, that we are aware of where we are and gage our point in the journey of life.