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Live Action!

King David’s legacy has been an inspiration of courage for generations. From Judaism through Christianity, to the whole world-people love the stories that make up the life of this dynamic king. We all hope to have a small portion of his confidence. In our dreams we want a grand showdown, we want everyone to watch us as we say something cool like “ you uncircumcised Philistine”, then sling a rock back and watch our enemies fall before our eyes. We have this innate nature to be a hero and we want everyone to watch it. Well, at least I speak for myself.

I always wanted to do something great. Something colossal and earth shattering, for God of course. A desire to show the greatness of God is not a bad thing. But, what is greatness? How is it measured? How do you know you have it?

Greatness is God, as God is great. To be under the leadership of greatness is the ability  for the follower to produce greatness. The underlying story of David’s life is more than accomplishments, but the ability to find greatness in every moment, especially the moments of immense sorrow. In moments of anguish and defeat we are reminded of our weakness. Our cape comes off, and we realize how human we are. I have never met a mortal who was a constant hero, except by persistence.

In 1 Samuel 30, the Amelikites had raided David’s camp. They had taken their most valuable possessions-their wives, sons and daughters.They had taken all that anyone desires to be heroic for. In grief, David’s men turned on him and wished to stone him. “David was greatly distressed, but David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord his God”.He asked God what to do and God said “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” David did just that. “David found the raiders and smote them from twilight even to the evening of the next day. David recovered all that the Amalekites had taken” and gained the spoil for their victory. God restored what they had lost and then some.

So that's that. The end of the story. A good time for David to write, Selah (pause and think on that).  Really think about it, I had to. Specifically, think of the word “pursue”. Everytime, I read this story I thought pursuit equaled fast. They did regain their loved ones quickly, but pursuit in this instance also means to hunt.

I love hunting shows like Swamp People. One show in particular was my favorite. “YEYEYEYE...LIVE ACTION.”

What I like about these shows is the pursuit of the target, which takes focus. When you lock into what you want everything around you fades, and you're locked in to what you desire. Many of us, like myself, are not hunters. So when we hear pursuit, we imagine fast paced motion to reach a goal. However, pursuit is not about the pace, but the adaptation to the environment.

Restoration can mean many things. In its simplest form, it means to get back that which was lost or stolen. This is the year of restoration and many of us will have to learn to encourage ourselves and be persistent. The catch is, we will only be allowed to do this with the word of God.

When David inquired of the Lord, it was not in the best of times. Not only was he threatened with death by his own men, he was out of the will of God by being stationed in Ziklag, a city which belonged to the Philistines. He was there in fear out of Saul’s wrath, and there he found protection. Because of God’s mercy, grace and David’s heart towards God, God was able to help.

During this year we may find ourselves in an environment where we do not want to be. Maybe because of our own doing or maybe not. However, God is gracious to help us in the time of our need. However, it may seem that the goals that God given us may be impossible to accomplish. But, we have to remember we must encourage ourselves and pursue. As the world is drastically changing everyday, it becomes a challenge to focus on what God says, that is where hunting is advantageous. When you are focused you have the ability to adapt to whatever environment you are in and find restoration.

So whether we are facing Goliath, or the troubles we brought upon ourselves. There is a way for God to do great things through us. Never discount yourself.