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Love is energy-it is the purpose to find God in everything. In that you find the vibrancy of hope and faith. It is not weak, because it is not a feeling. It is an embodiment we must put on and say “I know that I am loved!”. If we knew how much we were loved our lives would change, loosened from our nature to be bent in hate. To understand that by God we came in through this earth with love, and we have more than enough of it to share it others, if we decided to. Love is not scarce. You don’t find it in one man or woman. You can find it anywhere, because when there is a will to love there is a way to love.


“Silent Dove Among Those Far Away” When peace is in a foreign place, will it get troubled? Not with love. When David was captured by Philistines, the only thing he had to rely on was God’s love. I have learned that love is not a feeling to get buy-it is the energy to know that I am going to make it with hope and faith. I know that God loves me, and His restoration, when I am in unfamiliar territory is always before me. “In God (love) have I put my trust and confident reliance; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” Psalm 56:11 AMPC.

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