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Open Door

You are my open door. When earth is deprived of opportunity for your people, in you I find hope. You are my source, you are the Creator. In you there is never a lack of anything, for you can make anything. You have crafted my life perfectly, put it all together effortlessly. Why should I fear?


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And knowing God is enough. I never realized that  each opportunity is meticulously laid out for me. They are called the footsteps of God, because wherever God is there lies my opportunity. Following God is not just for piety, it is to find your place is God’s master plan. One of my favorite songs from the Prince of Egypt is “Through Heaven’s Eyes” and one of my favorite lyrics from the song (I really enjoy this song, as you can see) is:

A single thread in a tapestry

Though its color brightly shines

Can never see its purpose

In the pattern of the grand design

Even though we never know how we fit into God’s big picture, we must understand that we do have a place and how we make our mark in life is to believe God knows best. Let Him do the threading. This year I have been letting God’s plan take its own shape, by simply following God. I don’t know what I’ll learn, or who I will meet. But, I do know that I don’t have to fear and everything I need will be there for me-for God is my open door.

One thing theme that often repeats in the life of David is honor. He understood that Saul was anointed and taking his life, even though Saul was in pursuit of his, would be dishonorable. For the love of God, he understood that following God was more important than chasing an opportunity. Many times he had the opportunity to kill Saul, but following God’s footsteps were more important than anything. Inspired by 1 Samuel 26.