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Everything must change. It can no longer be how it was. To those who believe, it is with understanding that we proclaim who God is, but now, it shall be by faith as we will not understand what our eyes have seen. However, don’t worry, the time is not yet. Unsettling  fear can only be settled by promises. God gave us His life and His word, in these gifts, we will find our peace.


Today as I was unsettled , I really focused on this passage of scripture “ the Lord will perfect that which concerns me” Psalm 138:8 AMPC. As time passes, while we are indoors, things are becoming strange, foreign. For the past 21 years of my life my relationship with God has been predicated on how life was before this. I still have great expectations for the future, but as time moves on I know things will never be the same again. That’s the hard part. But everything that concerns me will be perfected, that’s the hope I have.

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