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Alone and not forsaken. There is no need to lie or pretend. You are tired and weak-you need help. You don’t have to depart from the Holy One, there is a place for you. It shields you from the will of your anxiety. And yes, you are still on your way to inherit the promises of God. He never changes.


When David fled from Saul, he became discouraged. He began to pretend that he was okay. That is not faith. When I’m overwhelmed, I have to know that I am okay, and that everything is well. Growing in faith, I would wonder how people could go through so much and still trust the hands of God. It is not until I realized that anxiety will make you rely on yourself and fall snare to a plan that you have created for your own demise. Faith grants an access to be safe in the presence of God which allows Him to fix what needs to be mended. When in faith, you are not being fake, you are just jumping to conclusions. Because you trust that everything will be alright in the end. Inspired by 1 Samuel 21.

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