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Smallest Seeds

The most beautiful thing you will ever see is within your heart. It’s tree-like. Seed given by the Father, watered by your affection, pruned by obedience. It bears fruit on your account. If you do well enough, you will have a garden of plenty.

What it inside you matters the most, because it is what you do. You can never do anything without having anything inside. The innate urgings that you have within your heart can lead you to your treasure. Most times it seems unimportant, like the tree of life, until you take it for granted and decide to taste the other fruit and go your own way. You know what happens from there.

At first it may not shine like the treasure you see in others. That’s ok. Do your work, from there you will find great pleasure in your purpose.


The gifts that you have inside you are important. In order to believe in your gifts , you have to know that you are gifted. I’m learning that. It’s the first part in doing anything great. Your seed may seem small at first, but some of the biggest trees come from the smallest seeds.