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Spitting Image

The best of friends is usually born out of adversity. Because they are so similar, twins to be exact. Their image is often described by what they been through and anyone who will be a burden bearer will do. But that is not always a bad decision, especially when you love your friend more than life. That you esteem them so highly, you desire to help them move on from their troubles, even if that means departing from you. You can love someone as your own life and help them avoid death. And suddenly, you will turn around and see that you are free too.


The friendship of Jonathan and David is one of the sweetest in the Bible. It teaches the purpose of friendship, covenant, and loving those who are like you-something Jonathan and David’s fathers could not quite do. Diversity is important, and it is true that we should also find comfort in people who are different, but in our world today we are so focused on moving ahead that we sometimes forget that we are the gateway to freedom for someone who is like us. It is sometimes forgotten that David was not only destined for Saul’s throne, but Jonathan’s as well. It didn’t matter, their pain was so similar, they knew their worth was not in a position, but in helping people in the name of God. Inspired by 1 Samuel 20.