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Unprecedented: My Thoughts

I feel the hearts of many across the globe today. Unprecedented has been the common term used from media outlets to common conversation. What WE are going through is uncommon, no doubt. But, right now, I feel that my soul is assured. This is what we have been training for.

To be honest, the Bible seems more real to me than ever. Often, I would read stories of tragedy, heartbreak, and uncommon situations in the bible and I always felt distant. Now, I feel that what we are going through can be put within the pages. So, in this defining moment, what will be known for?  We are often called the spoiled generation and I believe this is the time where we can show our worth as believers and citizens of the kingdom of God.

This means we have work to do. As you have noticed I have been writing everyday. I have been trying to focus more time on creating. Ironically, God put it on my heart to start writing two weeks ago. I guess He knew I would have a lot of time to do it :).  I have also noticed other creatives and people outside of the genre expressing the urge to really hone their talents and skills. In this unprecedented time, I guess, it means to start doing things that were never done before.

When trials come it is easy to shrink in fear, but it is important to match the same energy your troubles are giving you.

I will keep in mind during this time, that is my moment, our moment. The moment that future  generations will look at, almost like the bible, and see if we met and surpassed the challenges that came against us. I think we can do it.