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Healing. Igniting inward feelings of wholeness. Joy. Count is as a moment shaken with absolute pleasure. What I have been created for is more than an awareness of an image, it is to be alive. Life is not afforded to all. It is not the same as breathing. Just as stillness is not the same as inactivity. It is the absence of what was there, the latter lacks engagement. 

The rhythm of my life has always been divinely planned. Now, it is time for a series of upbeats. Not emphasized with achievement, but of healing and joy. Curiosity can no longer be a stranger to me, and my heart can no longer be defined by the mundane. 

Where do I go from here? Do I wait for these moments to happen? Do I make them happen? Or, do I finally learn to dance to the rhythm planned out?  Whatever is planned out for me is just what I need, it’s what you need. When people see you live out your healing, it’s a signal to know that their deliverance is near. When people see your joy, they will plead for an atmospheric change. 

It’s all the dance of life, when we unashamedly feel the rhythm.