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Watch the Throne

The oldest could not evade the eyes of God. The youngest hid in obscurity. A day when the teacher and the student would love to switch places. By the end their relationship we find that two kings can’t share a throne. So, who is in charge, if no one can rightfully sit upon it?


In life we must learn what will eventually be yours is someone else’s. And what is yours will be someone else’s. Nothing belongs to us; we all have a God given stewardship over some position. While we have it, we must take care of it, as it will belong to someone else. It is the essence of the circle of life. King Saul and King David had an important job-to watch the throne. Instead, in most of their time together the throne was left in limbo. In 1 Samuel 19, we see that Saul was trying to kill David and the idea of God’s control over his reign. As we grow, let us be careful to never forget who is control and who gives us everything we need to prosper. Our willingness to follow God, is often the key to someone else's purpose.