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Yes and no. They do not mean what you think. One is attributed to pain, and the other relief. In the eyes of God they are the same. Answered prayers can come in a yes or no. What hurts us the most is when the answer does not come with a “why?”.  We are not asking for a road map, we are asking for a guide. And when the guide says yes to this path and no to the other, it does not mean they are not listening, or don’t care. It is quite the opposite. It means they know the best way. The path is unfamiliar to you, but to them is their comfort zone. "But ,what about when God isn’t saying anything?" It is impossible for God to be quiet, the foundation of the universe is founded on His word. He is always talking, and the problem is we are talking too. When we are set on a reality in which we want to live, we create our own universe. We use our own commandments, guidelines and principles and then we ask God to forsake His own path that he has set up for us and join ours. When we have the urge to do things are way we have to remember that we are never lost. We have a guide who never leaves and promises to show us the way if we start to listen.


Urim and Thummim were stones of divinations which revealed the answers of God. Although, one stone could be used as a “no” and the other as a “yes”, the essence of the stones were to get a clear revelation of what God wanted. This meant God answers went beyond the feelings of “yes” and “no”, it was a guidance on what to do. Today, if we had a Urim and Thummim, it would seem that our lives would be much easier. We would ask God a question, look at the stones and get an answer on what to do. But we do have one, Holy Spirit. However, when God is living within us, His vision becomes more intimate than two stones. We can no longer pull God answers out of a bag. We have to listen and be willing to follow and know that his anwers go beyond a one word response. They are the keys to where we need to be. Inspired by 1 Samuel 23.