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Your Best Reality

You’ll be okay! Trust yourself trusting in me. You are holy, righteous and anointed. It may be easy to be puffed with pride, but only I know the way.


Have you ever awakened in mid dream, then relieved that the dream was not a reality.  Maybe you were in the climax of your nightmare. Too often, when we feel that life’s turmoil becomes too real,  we begin to believe life’s problems are bigger than our God. We then push ourselves to dream, making it our new reality. A lack of trust of God is a lack of trust in yourself and vice versa. When we try to do it on our own, it can be hard to live up to the names that God has anointed us with, like holy and righteous. But, when we refuse to believe in the reality of who we are, our nature becomes distorted. Like Saul we will one day look in the face of David and realize that in our own might we did more harm than good. That we disqualified ourselves from living the life God had planned for us to live. We have to stop. We can no longer cheat ourselves out of a good life. Everyday is a new day to trust in the love God has for us and rely on that. Then one day we will look at our legacy and realize we did a good thing. Inspired by 1 Samuel 24.

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