Don't Fall In!

Focus of Thought:

Grief can be unbearable and unrelenting. Why do we grieve? Why is it a necessary emotion to have when we lose something or someone? We may never know the answer, but I believe that in our grief there is a purpose that leads to compassion and to an amazing resurrection. We have to commit to not give in to our grief.

Expression of Thought:

Grief is our response to tragedy. Immediately, through our grief we try to reconcile with the loss that has taken place. Instead, we should aim to revive a new way of living within ourselves, better than the life we lived before the loss. In John 11, the story of Lazarus’ resurrection shows us exactly how to achieve a better life. As Jesus entered into the village of Bethany, He is faced with the death of Lazarus whom He deeply loved. Before he arrived to Bethany, He knew that Lazarus was dead, as mentioned in John 11:14 when he tells his disciples about Lazarus’ death. He also showed more of his fore sight in saying that “This sickness is not to end in death” John 11:4 [AMPC]. Plus, Jesus was aware of His resurrecting power when he tells Martha, that “I am [Myself] the Resurrection and the Life” in John 11:25 [AMPC]. In all, Jesus knew that Lazarus would rise again and He had the power to make it happen. It is fascinating to read that Jesus was deeply moved by His emotions in this story. In verses 33-38 we can see that Jesus was grieved and moved to compassion by the death of Lazarus and others response to the loss of life. This assures us that it is okay to grieve, but we also must spur ourselves into compassion through our grief in order to see the resurrection of something new.

This is can be strange, trying to be compassionate in a state of grief, but it is simply giving what we have available to better our circumstances and create the environment for a new life. That can mean a number of things depending on the situation. The primary concept to remember is that we should give the opposite of what the tragedy produces. In verse 38 we see the climax of His emotion of grief. “Sighing repeatedly, and deeply disquieted, (He) approached the tomb” [AMPC]. He then, out of compassion, of the people around, declares to God that he is getting to ready perform this miracle to enhance their faith. Then he raised Lazarus from the grave. The situation brought upon death, and Jesus gave life with his faith in God. Your loss may have brought you failure, but you have the ability to give success with your faith in God. All situations can resurrected with faith in God.


Grief, compassion and resurrection goes hand in hand. It is okay to grieve. Cry if need be and rest. Just remember to focus on the new life you are getting ready to embark upon through compassion and have faith in God for the wonderful miracle that he is getting ready to perform in your life. Don't fall to grief.