Left with an Empty Tomb

Focus of Thought:

The most disappointing part of failure is the moments after one has failed. Because of those moments, the bondage of failure can last for moments, days, months, years and even an lifetime. For the past couple of years or so I have been grappling with failure, but it is possible that I and many others have been fighting with circumstances that may be success in disguise.

Expression of Thought:

In the beginning of the last chapter of Luke, we see that Jesus’s followers are trying to comprehend the reality of Jesus’ death. They believed the Messiah, the savior of their people was gone. The failure they had felt started in His death, but the weight of the failure lied within an empty tomb left with linen cloth. The women who went to prepare Jesus' body, were met with the emptiness of the tomb and they were perplexed. They were ready to prepare what they had lost until, they were put in remembrance by an angel, of Jesus' foretelling of His resurrection. They had forgotten what Jesus had told them. The women told the rest of His followers the good news. The men had mixed reactions, still trying to grapple with failure. Failure made it hard for them, people who walked with Jesus , to believe his word. Failure is hard reality to grasp, there is no other way around it. Yet, the question that replays within my mind is what the angels asked the women in Luke 24:5 ,"Why do you look for the living among [those who are] dead?" [AMPC] It's something Jesus' followers should have asked themselves, before believing anything other than God's word. As Jesus' followers within the earth today, instead of contemplating and wallowing within our defeats, we should recognize that there is no life among death. We must remove ourselves from defeat, abandon our realities if necessary and walk within the Truth that Jesus has set before us.


Looking at our lives now, how are are we handling our failures? Our we looking among the dead things of our past or are we looking and believing God's word knowing that he has awesome plan for each of our individual lives mentioned in Jeremiah 29:11. I encourage myself, and I encourage you, to stop figuring out failure, but contemplate and believe in the opposite-success.