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"What Can I Do to Fix it?" Women in Church

Focus of Thought:

I am an individual with guardianship over my life. My individuality transforms into unity when I allow God to have parental care over me. It is the prayer of salvation. A seemingly bad trade. Who would ever take upon your burdens, answer your request of care, in order to share an inheritance of power and authority?

Jesus is for everyone. Humankind was made in the image and likeness of God. That includes every male and female that was born and is to be born. We are more than flesh and bone. We are spirit beings just as God is a spirit. Our exterior is just a workmanship, that will decay after death. Our spirits will forever be alive. Where they will dwell in eternity, is the decision that everyone must make.

So what does this say about the female gender?

A prominent Apostle recently held an counseling session for his congregants. A constant topic within church and secularism is singleness, although the Bible preaches we are never alone. In trying to soothe a woman’s longing for a mate, the Apostle decided to give advice and she decided to be an example for the congregation. Within the presentation of how to get a mate, the Apostle ridiculed her body. She liked the response from her leader. I did not.

It is common for a woman within church to ask of herself “What can I do to fix it?”, knowing that the gospel we preach declares a covenant between our Creator who will lead us into all truth. We are with God, not independent from God and He wouldn’t have it any other way. That is the salvation that we believed for. Now, we are constantly treating our problems as if we are single, as if we are poor, as if we are sick, as if we are incapable of doing the possible, when all things are possible with God.

Many women feel ostracized, because they don’t seem to be a Ruth, an Esther or the figure of Proverbs 31, because they are not “hitting all the marks of the ideal Christian woman”. For those women, just know, through all your mess ups, downfalls and brokenness you too can be a David, a Paul and most importantly a Jesus. You are a spirit, you are not bound to the confinement of what society and traditionalism says you are. You can be anything that mirrors the likeness of God. The best thing about the figures of the Bible is that you see their spirit flourish, as they decreased God increased. Gender or any other physicality, was secondary or unimportant.

Expression of Thought: