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“My beloved is mine and I am his!” Song of Solomon 2:16

Ownership, a seemingly strange way to say I love you. I own you and you own me, sounds like the merger of two companies rather than a relationship between two parties.  

I thought it strange until I realized the price it took to proclaim ownership. The price it took for one to willingly say yes to a relationship with another. 

I think about God and the precious price he paid, through His love, for the redemption of a lost soul like mine. In return, I think of my willingness to forfeit control of my will and give it unto God. Now, every day is a part of a journey to become more like Him. 

The best relationship I could ever have is a partnership with God, but it costs. A strange way to start a relationship, but everything cost. Whether you pay with money, time, pain or joy,  everything still costs you something. 

 To have a relationship with Him, God purchased reunification through the blood of Jesus. A remembrance of a time when sin did not control the human soul. When I laid down my will, I was entering restoration. Every day I am becoming who I was meant to be.  

I’m so grateful for God’s purchase. 

It is hard to be a restored soul with a past that still shows up in your present. 

Through this lens, you try hard to understand why God would go through the pain of purchasing someone that was so broken. Being restored is a change so striking that sometimes you fail to believe that you are better. 

But whatever God pays a price for in love, he expects a better return. That means I can expect better. 

If these things are true, these 3 statements must stick with me forever:

I AM BETTER. If God, through his love, purchased the whole of me, knowing my predicament, and nursed me into a better one, there is no reason to find comfort in the hurt that surrounds me. 

I CHOOSE BETTER. Choosing better can be a struggle, but God has given me the ability to make the best choice as a continuance of my salvation and deliverance from evil.