Buckthorn: Protect Your Rare

For a field trip, I went to a nature park to help remove Buckthorn, an invasive species in Michigan. Invasive species in a foreign environment is terrible. However, in a native environment they are perfect.

Buckthorn and other invasive species are known for their ability to overcrowd and intrude on native species and inhibit their ability to function properly within their environment.

It can take six to seven years to completely remove certain invasive species because their seed bank can continue to germinate from the soil. We removed many Buckthorn plants. However, next year, more Buckthorn will grow in the same area we removed them from. In visiting again, it will seem as if our class had accomplished nothing. Frustrating it will be, until we remember that we completed another year. A countdown until all the Buckthorn is gone.

I learned two things from my field trip:

1. The annoying traits about yourself could be great traits that are misplaced.

I tend to overthink. Overthinking allows me to over analyze everything that I do. For work, this is a great trait. Being analytical allows me to foresee certain issues that may take place if a task is not completed with certain requirements. Out of work, analyzing can turn to overthinking, pushing myself towards a perfection I will never reach.

Buckthorn is perfect in Europe, but terrible in Michigan. Being analytical is not bad, it has to serve its purpose in its proper environment.

The next time I annoy myself with anything that I do, I will remember that some of my annoying traits are useful and should be appreciated.

2. The rare traits within you cannot survive overcrowding.

Buckthorn makes it hard for rare plants to survive. Rare is highly sought after, but it can not stand overcrowding. A rare plant can not survive if they are a source of food and species like the Buckthorn overcrowd them.

The gifts inside you are special. You cannot allow your gift to be consumed from people and let factors such as fear and worry overcrowded them.

Take care of what God has given you and protect what makes you rare.