I Need a Light

A match. We need a match. A match for agreement, a match for ignition, a match to create a spark for a consuming fire. Not to destroy, but to purify.

I desired change. However, I was unaware that I needed to agree with the burning sensation I had. God had lit the match, but I quenched it. 

Positivity in a negative world. Light in the dark. Darkness exists because light is not, light is light by itself.

 The Word is light. Darkness is the absence of the Word. To shun the Word, is to shun the light provided by a Holy fire. 

And so it was with me. I quenched the light I needed. The positivity I needed. The Word I needed. 

Within the moments of battling the light within me. When I let peace subside, a word from the most High came and the idea for Garden of Buds came to be. 

I did not understand the reason for it , but I now know that it is a part of the light that God has given to me to share with others. It is the same for all creative aspirations. It illumines your  spirit, soul and body and gives light to others. 


I ask, what words are you refusing to obey? What light are you running from? 

The Divine creator has given us a light to shine before men. Let us not quench what needs to burn. Through burning we find purification, not just for us, but for others who have never seen a light before. 

Don’t crush what seems positive because negativity seems so real. In fact, it is an illusion to hinder you from wanting better. 

So let creativity burn and dawn a hope for a positive change for the world at large.