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Writer's Block: What I learned

According to Webster’s dictionary writer’s block is a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece. As a rocket runs out of fuel, so is writer’s block to a writer. We reach the top of our creative peak and come crashing down.

The thought of "a writer that hasn’t written” can send shivers down the spine of any writer. However, within that phrase there is a lesson that we must learn from writer’s block. Here is what I learned: 

1. I will write!

Everything has an opposite. On the flip side of writer’s block is the ability to freely write. 

Having the time to write is a privilege. Although, you can write from anywhere, there is nothing like sitting in your most comfortable spot and clicking away at the letters on your keyboard for hours on end. That time is rare, and when that time is spent with writer’s block it is discouraging. 

But when we are stuck, we must believe that we can be “unstuck”. Outside of writing, we understand the importance of trying again when we do not succeed. Why do we forget about this while writing? 

Writer's block is a temporal state, and often necessary. You will write again, and when you do it will have more meaning. 

2. My ideas matter! 

Writing is mostly mental, a game between imagination and realism. When creativity is involved, what we desire is not concrete. Since it is not concrete we equate our ideas to unimportance. We begin to doubt. 

 Your ideas are important and worth fighting for. If you bring them to fruition you can find the best idea(s) that you need. WRITE ALL OF THEM DOWN. 

Writer’s block gives you the opportunity to write the best ideas and find success. Sometimes we only believe in a good idea and sacrifice the greatest idea because we do not take the time to see them clearly.